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About Us

We (Thor and Bragi) have been working together in the travel industry since early 2003 when we started our first travel agency called Markmenn (Goal keepers) that specialized in sports related travels for individuals and groups. In 2005 the Icelandic airline Iceland Express purchased the company and we were hired to start their travel agency called Express Travel. In 2007 we both went back to university to get a bit more education.

At the beginning of 2012 we decided that our time had come again in the travel industry and the company Gaman was founded. Now, we have been operating for six years and the company has grown quite fast with an ever increasing selection of different travel packages and services. We work with many quality partners to create some of the best value in travels to Iceland and our biggest partner is WOW air that was also founded in 2012 and has since then grown rapidly and offers direct flights to Iceland from many locations all over Europe and North America. We strive to offer great service and we offer many special events and speciality tours that can create everlasting memories for those who visit our gorgeous country.

Gaman is the Icelandic word for Fun.


The great people working at Gaman have valuable experience and are always ready to assist with a smile  :)

Meet the Gaman Team