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On March 1st 1989, the 74 year old spell of prohibition was lifted off Iceland's bent but not broken back, rebuilding social spirit and reassuring every man, woman and child, that NO force would ever hold back the inevitable conquest of beer. (We had to fight, for our right to party and we won the fight).

February 22nd to 24th, 2019, we will celebrate the existence of beer for the 7th time.. Every year we celebrate, we will have some of the most exciting breweries on this planet, both local and foreign, introducing their produce.

A Beer Festival where the Icelandic Beer Trade shakes hands with the international craft beer brewing society in an intimate setting in the most northern capital of the world. Get a taste of up-to-the-minute flavours of the craft beer scene along with diverse food pairings and live music.

The Annual Icelandic Beer Festival is taking place at KEX Hostel in Reykjavík from February 22-24 in 2019. This is a celebration of 29 years of beer freedom with a four day festival starring the best of the Icelandic Beer Trade along with a good pick of the international craft beer brewing society, including breweries from Canada, Denmark, Sweden, UK and the United States.

The Annual Icelandic Beer Festival is a rare opportunity for the common beer lovers to meet the people behind the beers for chats about the beers, the methods and their philosophies.

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