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One of the most amazing natural experiences in Iceland are the northern lights. They are visible during the winter months from early September until the middle of April. 


Reykjavik is not an ideal location to marvel at the northern lights because of light pollution that renders the natural phenomenon less visible. Therefore we highly recommend taking a scheduled trip out of the city, either on a bus or a boat, for an unforgettable natural light show.


Use the booking calendar on the right to book your flights and hotels as well as your northern lights excursion later in the booking process.


Our partners at Reykjavik Excursions and Special Tours are some of the most experienced northern lights tour operators in Iceland and you are sure to enjoy Iceland at it's best under their experienced guidance.


The northern lights are a natural phenomenon and only visible during the right weather conditions (clear skies etc.) so it is never possible to fully guarantee that you will see them. However, if you don't see them on your first excursion, you'll get a voucher to book the northern lights bus- or boat tour again for free because we really want you to see them too!


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