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Terms & Conditions

1. Gaman Travel is a travel agency according to Icelandic law and carries insurances towards it's clients as required. Trading name is Gaman ehf. with the ID number 430212-1090.

2. Gaman Travel can not take responsibility for changes to travels and any other part of sold items and services that are related to changes in flight schedules or changes to events that are operated by a third party, even though tickets to such an event or flight are sold by Gaman Travel. If an event is cancelled for reasons not within the realm of control of Gaman Travel, the ticket to said event will be refunded but flights, hotels and transport costs along with other related costs can not be refunded. Gaman Travel retain the right to change or cancel a trip in it's entirety if of there is now way for Gaman Travel to affect the related situation. This includes Force Major incidents such as volcanic eruptions, bad weather conditions etc. If such an incident occurs, Gaman Travel will inform their clients of such matters as soon as possible.

3. Advertised prices include all charges and taxes unless otherwise stated clearly.

4. All prices are based on exchange rates and air fares. The stated price for confirmation of the order may change in accordance with changes that may occur to one or more of the following factors. However, a fully paid trip does not take such price changes, and if a trip is paid for more than one-half (but not fully), the price changes to 50%. Transport costs, including fuel costs. Charges, taxes or special payments for a particular service, e.g. landing. The exchange rate of the currency applicable to a particular trip.

5. The agreed price may not be changed in the last 20 days before the trip begins.

6. Payments can be made with credit card on a secure site at or through the telephone at +354 560 2000.

7. Cancellation and refund of package tours: 

  • Conformation fee is never refundable.
  • A travel package or trip that is cancelled 12 weeks before travel date is fully refundable apart from the confirmation fee.
  • Cancellations that happen less than 12 weeks before travel date are not refunded.
  • When the terms & conditions of our third party partners have stricter terms, those will automatically take effect and override the Gaman Travel terms.

8. When booking a trip, the choice is to pay a confirmation fee or pay a trip in full. The confirmation fee varies but is clearly presented in the booking procedure. Booking fees are non-refundable. The final payment has to be received by Gaman Travel at least 8 weeks before travel date.

9. Customers are advised to familiarize themselves with the terms of travel of the chosen airlines, i.e. luggage allowances and other services that may carry extra costs.

10. Gaman Travel is not responsible for damage to bags that may be taken on charter flights, scheduled flights or other vehicles traveling on behalf of Gaman Travel. In case of damage to a bag the passenger will have to get a written confirmation from the local airport authorities. Passengers apply for compensation directly to the airline concerned. The airline will then handle the payment of compensation according to international rules and payment is sent directly to passengers. Gaman Travel is not responsible if a luggage is lost or it arrives late late due to wrong handling at the airport.

11. Passengers are responsible to show up in a timely manner to all flights, events and other services that are on a schedule. Gaman Travel can not be held responsible should a passenger arrive late to a service.

12. Gaman Travel reserve the right to remove people from organized tours if they are not considered able to travel due to excessive alcohol and / or drug use or aggressive or rude behavior towards Gaman Travel employees, employees of third party operators or other passengers.

18. Gaman Travel is not responsible for obvious errors in typing or text that is presented on any written materian on paper or website. Gaman Travel also retains the right to correct such instances at any time.

19. If you need further information, you can contact via email

20. Fun Trips reserve the right to change these terms without notice.